Passenger flow at Hardbrücke

How do the arrivals of busses, trams and trains have an effect on the occupancy rate in the vehicles or at the platform?

What is it about?

The station “Hardbrücke” is one of the busiest stations in Switzerland. The SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) counts about 47’000 passengers entering and leaving the vehicles every day, while the VBZ counts about 13’000 passengers at this station. “Hardbrücke” serves commuters in Zurich as an interconnection point between and within the trains (SBB) and the additional public transport network (bus and tram lines). Thus, the arrivals and departures of trains (SBB) are related to the departures and arrivals of buses and trams (VBZ). Although counting of passengers is done in the vehicles as well as at entrance / exit areas to / from the platforms (SBB) or stopping areas (VBZ), SBB and VBZ have a rather limited view of what happens at the station “Hardbrücke”. No entire evaluation has taken place for passenger flow at “Hardbrücke” yet.


Can you quantify the passenger flow between the stop areas of SBB and VBZ?

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