Linked Data of Statistik Zürich

A convenient and informative visual dashboard to aid New-Comers in choosing the best place for them in Stadt Zürich.


When someone wants to move to, relocate in, or learn more about the city of Zurich, our application is the one to use. We offer a comprehensive and in-depth look into each Quartier of Zürich, and the user can use gain the insight they need.

The city of Zürich has a made their vast data available using a method called 'Linked Data', and we leveraged this data in creating our web app prototype. To gather the various data points, our team utilized SPARQL, a RDF query language (SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language). The city has information on population, pollution, housing, fountains, and much more. For this prototype, we focused on 5 major groups of information: Environment, Culture, Living, Diversity, and Amenities. With these topics, we devised scores and visualized them for the user's decision process.

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