3. veloundco

Work with detailed bicycle counting data from different Swiss Cities.

Comparing bicycle counting data on hourly basis of different Swiss cities to find:

  1. Differences in daily rhythm and seasonality
    • H1: Berner get up earlier than Zurich.
    • H2: The cycling season starts in Bern first.
  2. Weather influences
    • H1: The most weather-resistant cyclists are in Zurich.
  3. Influence of construction sites

1. Seasonality
shiny app frequencies Basel

weekly pattern:

weekly pattern in work area:

weekly pattern in leisure area:

Seasonal differences among Cities:

On average, in June 2017 (highest frequency), 3.49 times as many bicycles were counted as in January 2017 (lowest frequency). In St. Gallen, the seasonal variation is highest, in Basel lowest. Cyclists in Basel are thus the most weather resistant.

2. Weather Influences
rain * bike count:

sunshine * bike count:

temparature * bike count:

3. Influence of construction sites
Example Schulstrasse, Zürich 01.2014 - 07.2018:

In the standard time series decomposition the presence of a construction site could not be considered. Therefore the trend and residual components were taken and a linear model with a binary construction site variable was constructed. Like this the influence of the trend and construction site could be separated. During presence of the construction site the bike frequency was divided by about half. Team members: Robert Dorbritz, Adrian Leuenberger, Dominik Meier, Lukas Oehri, Jacques Gengler, Monika Hebeisen

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