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Where does the money go in the City of Zurich


Every year, the City of Zurich spends about 9 Billion Swiss Francs in order to provide Services to the citizens.

One of the main tasks of the Finance Department of the City of Zurich is to ensure transparency regarding the costs of the different Services and how they are financed.

Until now, the main source to find out about how the City spends its money was to go trough the publicatons about budgets and spendings.

Launch of the new RPK-API today!

The City of Zurich is launching its new Open Data Municipal Audit Commission API here at TWIST2018!! Budgets as well as investment- and effective spending data of all the city’s administrative units and institutions can thus be easily accessed.

Accessing the Open Data:

API-KEY: vopVcmhIMkeUCf8gQjk1GgU2wK+fKihAdlCl0WKJ

Hands on the new API

Help us to provide the financial data to the tax payer in a way, that everyone understands, how much the different Services cost and how they are financed.

  • What are the services with the highest costs?
  • In which services the costs rise the most?
  • Which are the cost developments of the divisions?
  • Which services have the biggest impact on the accounting profit?


Idea: Give an interactive and intuitive overview of the financial world of the city of Zürich. Include some more exotic analysis about wording in the reasons for changes in budget and justifications of invoices.

Challenges: Getting the data turned out to be quite a challenge (3-4 Hours) understanding it proved even harder. Missing documentation and the relatively low "Accounting knowledge" did not make the task easier. Without a deeper understanding of the matter and the data it is hard to find the correct questions you want to answer.

Result: We got the data. :) Learned about how to implement a sentiment analyzer and how it works. We prepared a simple viz that answers almost all the questions of the challenge but its far from ready. Search function allow to quickly get access to the accounts relevant to you.

Some of the functionalities will not be available in the Public version but you can have a look: (We still don't have the correct aggregation logic so some of the numbers are incorrect)!/vizhome/twist2018v3/Story1?publish=yes

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