Team Airtraffic is creating insightful visualizations of air traffic from / to Zurich Airport and predicting delays

Have a look at our project-results here:

So far, we have: - conducted exploratory data analysis and produced many descriptive visualizations to get to know the data and get a first understanding of which aspects of it might be relevant and interesting - experimented with a broad variety of modelling approaches (linear approaches, binary logistic regressions, ridge regression...) to predict delays.

Next steps :

  1. Try further prediction-approaches (bayesian, random forest e.g.)
  2. Create some further insightful visualizations
  3. Discuss what the model could be used for (flight delay prediction app? )

Flight data for ML-prediction challenge at the TWIST2018-Hackdays

This repository contains data of planed and effective flight arrival and departure-times from / to the airport of Zurich for the entire year 2017.

The R-Script data_enrichment.R contains the code used to add the airport coordinates, calculate approximative flight-distances, time-differences between scheduled and effective flight-times as well as information on weather-conditions around the airport provided by meteoswiss. The dataset does not yet contain information on general weather and atmospheric conditions other than those at the local scale.

The RDS-file twist_zrh.RDS contains the resulting R-dataframe. For those relying on other tools than r, a csv-version of the dataset is also available: twist_zrh.csv

metadata.txt contains a detailed description of the variables contained in the file.

Further sources for weather data at global scale or atmospheric conditions:

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