Housing Market, Canton Zurich

Explore the real estate market activity in the Canton of Zurich over space and time

At the TWIST-hackdays, for the first time, an open test-data set that includes all real estate trades in the period 2010-2014 is being made available to the public. The dataset consists of single trade entries with specifications about the construction year, the number of rooms as well as the living and property areas. These information are given in categories. Furthermore, a spatial component is given in form of a hexbin ID which allows you to join the data to a hexbin grid with a 1 square kilometer resolution.

Explore trading activity on the housing market

  • Explore where and when has the market been especially liquid - where could the most apartment or single-family homes trades be observed?
  • Set the data into relation with the number of potentially tradable objects, what patterns come to light when the number of trades are set into relation with the number of existing housing units within the same area?
  • Identify patterns and seek explanations for trading activity!


Single-family home dataset

Apartment dataset

Housing stock dataset - GWR


Description of the datasets

Timeline of what has been done along with problems

It is somewhat of a disappointment that we do not have the required price information of the hexagon datapoints in our dataset. Also, we only have the real estate data of 2010-2014, for which the time analysis gets a bit difficult to work on. So, we decided to just work with what we have : just the transaction data for four years on the hexagonal grids which were anonymised for the sake of privacy.

One can explore this map to check out the marked grids which have the most transactions (the most liquid ones) and then check out ones where the data has been falsified for reasons of privacy. Moreover, we can have a look at the ratio in transactions/stock ratio, which is also shown in the following diagram.

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