1. It’s (not) all about the money

Imagine: your parents plan to move from Zurich to Basel soon – the best decision ever, you think...

The first out of Three Stories About A Child

Story 1

You are keen to meet all the cool people in this charming city at the Rhine. Usually, the rent is an important criterion when moving to a new apartment. But hey, you are 6 years old and don’t care about money! So you are primarily concerned about the best place to easily get in contact with your future friends...

On you happen to find all the relevant data and easily visualize it in different maps. Not bad, this gives a good first impression, your longing for Basel already noticeably increases... (read more about the first out of three stories about a child in the Blogpost)

Basler Atlas is the Rubik’s Cube of spatial statistical data for the canton Basel-Stadt:

  • What: About 131 indicators from 9 areas of public statistics
  • When: Several years of data for each indicator
  • Where: Accessible on 4 spatial layers: Gemeinde, Wohnviertel, Bezirk, Block
#Challenge: twist the cube and combine, calculate, compare, enrich, enhance... There is data on: people, dogs, burglaries, cars, taxes, green spaces, employment, buildings, social security...

Where to find

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