3. In the year 2525

Imagine: your first day at school was somewhat promising. Really cool kids from many different countries...

The third out of Three Stories About A Child

Story 3

Having met so many beautiful people this day, back home you start wondering: Will we still be friends in 17 years? Where will we all live then? Still in the same area of Basel? Or in Zurich, again? What is supposable? Would be cool to have some Open Data on the future population of Basel and Zurich to see what kind of people will be living in which part of which city. And how probable is it that you and your new friends will still be here... (read more about the third out of three stories about a child in the Blogpost)

Fortune telling with population data

Different population scenarios for cantons BS and ZH and city of Zurich are available

#Challenge: Play with the data using an interactive visualization like:

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