Spatial Statistics, Canton Zurich

Work with the spatially most granular statistical (open) data on the canton of Zurich at the TWIST-Hackdays!

Soon, the spatial statistics layers available in the cantonal GIS-Browser will be made available as open data via API. As a premiere, for the occasion of the TWIST-Hackdays, preview datasets are made available! Participants will have the chance to work with this data and to combine it with other geodata in unprecedented manner.

Analyze the spatial distributions of population and employment and combine it with other geodata

Apart from analyzing the spatial statistics layers themselfes, it could be particularly interesting to combine the spatial statistics layers with other data sources. This allows to go beyond visualizing the spatial distributions of population and enterprises singularly, by setting them into relation with other spatial datasets. One modest idea you could start with:

  • combine the layers with data from openstreetmap, to explore density-patterns of specific data points - such as bars, shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, fitness centres, playgrounds and so on and how they relate to each other.


Population / Metadata via GISZH-Browser

Employment / Metadata via GISZH-Browser


Detailed examples of what can be done with openstreetmap-data and how to load it directly into R:

  1. Our blogpost on how to load the spatial statistics layers and some OSM data

  2. cartographic explorations of the openstreetmap database with R

  3. Where to go observe birds in Radolfzell? An answer with R and open data

Bulks of openstreetmap-data are available here:

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