Crowdsourced "Züri wie neu"-Open Data

Get your hands on crowdsourced "Züri wie neu"-Open Data

The open dataset derived from «Züri wie neu» currently contains around 14’000 reports (!). It includes the exact georeferenced location of the infrastructure damage, the time of recording, the exact description, the categorisation, the processing status and the time when the report was completed. For approximately 1’700 messages, even transmitted photos can be referred to it. All data is available in open geo formats and can also be queried via the open interface Open311. Open311 is an open standard (GeoReport v2), which is used internationally by numerous other cities, such as e.g. Bonn, Toronto or Lisbon. This makes the data comparable with other cities.

Use cases

It is obvious that the spatial and temporal components of these data usually invite for geo analysis and cartographic visualisations, such as heatmaps or animated maps. Here is an example of an animation which shows all new entries by citizens in 2017.

animation zwn reports in 2017

But there might be further interesting facts hidden in the data. The precise descriptions of the damage written by the users seems to be especially interesting. Since it is unstructured text, an analysis for further facts is not trivial. But maybe a challenge for you?

Further information

Please check our Blogpost «CROWDSOURCED OPEN DATA FROM «ZÜRI WIE NEU» for the full information about this challenge ;)

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