Urban Traffic Countings

Work with traffic counts from Zurich and / or detailed bicycle counting data from different Swiss Cities

What is this Challenge about?

We know Zurich’s open data of automated pedestrian and bicycle counting quite well and some interesting projects have been made with it so far.

Together with you, we would like to find out if and how it can be compared with analogous data from other Swiss Cities, such as Basel, Berne, St. Gallen and Lucerne. Robert made it possible for you to work with the bicycle counting data on hourly basis (2017) from the mentioned Cities. They are unfortunately not yet available as Open Data, but with your Project here at TWIST you might be able to help convincing these data providers to make it openly available in the near future.

Additionally, Robert asks for intermodal analysis of Zurich’s traffic countings. Do the numbers of public transport passengers, cyclists and pedestrians correlate and if so, how? At Langstrasse, all three modes are present and hence we would like to know, how the mode shift changes over time and what the main influencing factors are.

Explore differences among Cities

Thinking out loud, here are some ideas you could pursue at TWIST:

  • Compare the impact of weather on bicycle use in various major Swiss cities.
  • Estimate how the frequencies could develop over the next few years and what role the bike could play by the year 2025.
  • Show us how the proportion of means of transport in Langstrasse changes over the course of the day, week and year.

Relevant data sources

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